Eat Locally, think Globally.


What are microgreens?

How to use them?

You can use different varieties of microgreens in every dish that you have. They are perfect to be served in soups, pastas, on pizzas and even in smoothies. They give a unique taste to sandwiches and toasts and can easily be added to salads. Also perfect for fine dining.

Microgreens are baby plants. It's a stage between sprouts and the first true leafs. They are insanely flavoured and highly nutrient. In some cases they are 40 times more nutrient than their grown up plant. They are available in different varieties with different tastes and looks, and packed with vitamins. That's why chefs love them.

Greens just got local

By using our greens in your diet, you are not only adding a bunch of colours, flavours and nutrients to your dish, but you also contribute to a greener society, food sustainability and you support local producers.