Food sustainability is one of the challenges facing society today. The rapid increase in human population, habitat loss and sometimes inefficient agriculture techniques and food transport have a perceptible impact on our planet.

I think the time has arrived for one of the greenest cities in Europe to become greener.

As an experienced ecologist with some expertise in cooking, I found my way of having impact on the world, by providing locally produced microgreens and assisting others to grow their own.


We at Microgreens Stockholm offer high quality and fresh microgreens which grow sustainably in our vertical farm in the heart of Stockholm.

We provide easily accessible microgreens with affordable prices to chefs and private customers who appriciate the value of flavoured, tasty and highly nutritious microgreens and also care about sustainability. We almost operate at zero waste and will do what it takes to leave no footprint on the environment.

We like to make it easy for everyone to have microgreens on their table. 

We only grow organic crops using the hydroponic method.

You can receive our microgreens still planted, and harvest them just before consumption.

We will help you to grow yours at home, in the office or a garage if you want. Cheap and easy.